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Healing Fatigue And Exhaustion - Journeypreneur Podcast Ep. 169

June 18, 2021

Hey everyone, it’s Sensei Victoria Whitfield here, your journey partner in business, welcoming you back to episode 169 of the Journeypreneur Podcast. This is your source for channeled holistic stress management techniques, guidance, inspiration and motivation to stay on your path to rapid financial ascension and massive impact as a conscious entrepreneur.

So the title of this podcast episode is Healing Fatigue And Exhaustion.

So in this podcast episode, we are taking another excerpt from my 45 live series, and we are talking today about healing, fatigue and exhaustion. Let's get to it. Hello, hello, all my Facebook fam! Sensei Victoria Whitfield here, you can find me at, your journey partner in business and this is my forty five live. It's day three of forty five and I've been here on my off day. It's a Saturday and I just wanted to pop in for some insight and connecting with you around healing fatigue and exhaustion, especially as an entrepreneur, business owner, CEO. So like. A good friend of mine, Stacey Martino, has this expression called The Pumpkin Hour, and this is one of those ways that we can communicate first with ourselves and then as well as our partners, our team, our clients, everyone like what our boundaries are and states is freaking awesome. I love you, Stacey and Paul. Go check them out at -- I've been through, like a few of their programs and learning about the pumpkin, our super important for me as someone who's like a passionate business owner, someone who's purpose driven, like my business purpose driven.

So that means I'm here like in service to others. And I believe that's part of my life's purpose, is my business. I don't just, like, go to work. Right. I I'm in my life's purpose every day when I'm working. By the way, if I want to know who's journeying with me for these forty five days, so go ahead and hit hashtag live if you're watching live or put hashtag replay if you're watching replays. So I know to love you up and I can see who's journeying with me. But this concept of the pumpkin hours is really powerful because it's come for me, it's in alignment with, again, one of those five principles that we've been talking about from day to day. And it's around being kind. Just for today, I will be kind and as like a summary, if you're just catching up on the journey or you're just entering and you're like, oh, my God, Victoria, what are you talking about? Reiki principles. It is just for today. I will not be angry just for today. I will not worry just for today. I will be honest just for today. I will be kind and just for today, I will be grateful. And by the way, that's the abridged version. And so I take those five Reiki principles and I apply them to my business life style and day to day as well as that for my clients. And it's really had beautiful results just having those values to help guide our decision making process.

And so with that, I've received a lot of coaching and from Stacy has been one of the people I received awesome, awesome coaching from a husband, wife team. They're amazing. And this idea of the pumpkin hour has really helped me to be more kind to myself first rather than, as you know, I was sharing in another live, rather than seeing myself like as a machine and working myself into the hospital like I have in the past, and how my family has a history of doing so as well. And my clients have and their families as well, like we all share the similar kind of achiever thing. And so I want to lead with this concept of the pumpkin hour, because that's the hour of the day that you turn into a pumpkin essentially is what that is.

Let's talk about it!

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