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Selling Is Serving - Interview with Cat Stancik - Journeypreneur Podcast Ep. 171

June 22, 2021

Victoria: Hey everyone, it’s Sensei Victoria Whitfield here, your journey partner in business, welcoming you back to episode 171 of the Journeypreneur Podcast. This is your source for channeled holistic stress management techniques, guidance, inspiration and motivation to stay on your path to rapid financial ascension and massive impact as a conscious entrepreneur.

So in this podcast episode, I get to share with you someone that I love and have loved for years, someone that whenever she speaks, I grab a pen and a pen and don't talk to me because I need to be writing and get all of these golden nuggets. She's a golden nugget drop and wish you only had a sense that you could find her at What she specializes in is making sure that coaches are making it rain. Right. So going in there and getting out there and serving in a big way. That is. Welcome to the podcast.

Cat: Thank you. I feel that I receive it. And thank you so much for having me. I appreciate it. And of course, reciprocate everything that you have just said about me.

Victoria: So I love it. I love it. And I love you. And I know we love each other. Right. So we're good. We're straight. We go way back and we--

Cat: That’s right. We go way back to like, oh my God, can you believe we were doing that?

Victoria: Oh, back to the days when we used to dream “wouldn't it be nice if” and it’s been an honor to grow our businesses side by side, sister. I'm so proud. So proud. And this may be the very first time that someone is getting to see you here. You learn about what you do. So if you could, in your own words, share with us exactly what it is you do, especially what are the three things that you're known for? Could you tell us?

Cat: So I am can say this thing for sure is one that I'm known for. And it’s basically that I work with experts and influencers who want to multiply their six figures over and over and over again to get past the seven figures. So what that means is they want to leverage a repeatable and consistent process to be able to hit those big revenue numbers. How I do it is by doing organic high ticket sales specifically so that you can see that you are already connected to your next big client and how you can consistently fill your pipeline with leads that are ready to buy from you now.

So my angle or the second thing that I'm going for is I am anti “bro marketing.” That means I don't like “bro marketing” people. Actually, I do like some of the marketers. They just need to not do that. I've met a lot of them and basically it's a shake you down, leaving you less than, gimmicks, right, that nobody appreciates feeling or doing to others. And instead my clients want to really step into their own unique voice and power so that they can not only attract their ideal clients, but sell to them in the way that feels empowering for both sides of the conversation.

And the third thing I'm known for is, other than being crazily hilarious, as you all will witness soon, is that I am a mom of three. So I have now three kids under seven years old. So seven, five and two. Yes. Just give me a moment. ::breathes::

Let's talk about it!

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