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Sharing Your Story vs. Boundaries - Journeypreneur Podcast Ep. 170

June 21, 2021

Hey everyone, it’s Sensei Victoria Whitfield here, your journey partner in business, welcoming you back to episode 170 of the Journeypreneur Podcast. This is your source for channeled holistic stress management techniques, guidance, inspiration and motivation to stay on your path to rapid financial ascension and massive impact as a conscious entrepreneur.

So the title of this podcast episode is Sharing Your Story vs. Boundaries.

So in this podcast episode, let's keep going on our 45 Lives journey. This is another excerpt from my 45 live series off of Facebook. And what we're talking about today is sharing your story versus establishing powerful boundaries. Let's get into it, shall we? Everyone, Sensei Victoria Whitfield here, your journey partner business, you can find me at, where I help purpose driven entrepreneurs create a stress free business and lifestyle. Right. So this is day four of forty five; live shout out to Wanda Toro Turini, who challenged me to go live and share for 45 days straight. And hey, I'm coaching with her to work on visibility, so I might as well listen to her. Yes. So I decided I'm going to go live for forty five days to share my greatest gifts and which is basically my best take away from the workday. And I'm on a non-work day. Again, it's Sunday, by the way. If you're watching live, put hashtag live. So I know your journey with me. If you are watching on the replay, put hashtag replay. So I know you're journeying with me and I want to love up and figure out who is journeying with me.

It's so interesting to know who's with me on this experience. And so from today, there wasn't too much work related to my business celebrating that. Yes. So proud. And I'm also celebrating. Holy crap, my energy is great. My energy is feeling so much better because the ionizer and just better air quality. Oh, so happy to climb out of whatever level of exhaustion this must have been. Maybe a seasonal affective disorder, who knows. Whatever. But I am so happy and grateful now that I'm taking excellent care of my air and now have more access to my energy. Super good celebrating that.

I'm also celebrating then although it is a non-work day, right. It's a day off for me. Celebrating that today was super productive. I got food cooked for the week, tidied up the house raid and all of that, but also did some really fabulous networking on clubhouse. So if you are not on clubhouse, send me a PM. Let me know. Either I or I know a whole bunch of people who have clubhouse invites, but I highly recommend it. It's for iPhone only those so you can go and get one online or an iPad or something if you want to happen. But really powerful high level networking and amazing conversations. And I had the pleasure of getting too moderate for a dinner.

Love and friend of mine, Andrew Mellen, this morning, Sunday morning. He did a wonderful de cluttering your mind and space conversation. He's an incredible, powerful, essentialist professional organizer and he's just wonderful to get to support him and hold positive space for him as well as protect boundaries. But it was interesting hearing him work the room and we had like over eighty three people in the room or something like that. And how good Andrew is. Andrew, I love you, dear. I love you so much for this.

How good he is at training people to keep their communication clean, and especially in the coaching and personal growth, the personal transformational fields, it can get kind of mixed up with therapy. And in therapy, you just sit there and say all of the things that you don't get to say or I've been through therapy before and it is so nice that the person is just there to listen. I'm like, all right, well, what do you want to say? And you just, but you can go, and dump, and it's great and clears the energy. It's so fabulous. I highly recommend therapy. Two thumbs up.

But at the same time, coaching is not therapy. So what I love about Andrew, is he's so clear around keeping your communication just neat and tidy and especially around story. And what I also celebrate is to celebrate the shit out of you, Andrew, I love you, but what I also celebrate about him as he is not Marie Kondo. He's like, "I don't want you to have a relationship with your stuff. It is an inanimate object." YES!

Let's talk about it!

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